First Post

As this is my first post, let’s keep it simple and sweet.

I’m very unlucky with blogs, I think I should really confess this before I begin, I tried about five of them before people even started noticing the first one. Or maybe I’m just really really impatient….

Anyway, life has taken a turn now with me finally being able to pick subjects for future study (which means a few free periods when I can write story books, yay!!!!!!!!), and having read Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, which is so amazing….and very life turning because I try to learn from what authors do…


I said I was bad at this.

Anyway, nothing to do at home as its Durga Puja, and no one is supposed to study for a day…(Yay)…so will be back….with the realitie or fantasie of Spririt Chronicles which I intend to publish here….


2 thoughts on “First Post

  1. nice try. and so u read twilight after all…im also gonna read it….anyway good luck 4 ur bloggin this time and im awaiting ur spirit chronicles..:)…good luck bud.

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