Twilight- the soundtrack- the sighs and the dissatisfaction

Now we know twilight the movie is not gonna release anywhere in the near future in India.

Indian readers and hardcore fans of Stephenie Meyer may also notice that the books are plenty rare to find around in India. We get zero copies of Little Brown here, and the ones published by Atom are limited to libraries! Obviously, readers living in cities like Trivandrum has not even got a chance to buy the album and we wonderful die-hard fans are limited to downloading it online. (A whopping 84.2 MB) Most of the times, the songs arent even the ones that belong to the original soundtrack. (Explains why i have five versions of Bella’s Lullaby that seems nothing like Edward’s music) Finally, i came across one solution. Download the digital album cover. (Sigh) Check the tracks, then download them. (More sighs) And then make sure you have the real album cover (dead from sighing)

We sincerely hope the movie’s gonna release in India. Imax, offered a choice between twilight and madagascar 2 has taken madagascar 2 (why do i not own Imax? WHY?!) Maybe someone should have told em that there are people who write “TWILIGHT:” on their school bags (GOD!


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