I’ve already posted this one on another blog, but blog traffic swings my way in this one. Maybe I’m getting lucky here after all. Immortals is one of the first full-length novels I tried, when I was what? …12,  I think. Its been five years since that and I like thinking I improved but hey…one cant just forget the past. Old is gold after all.

Recently, looking thru an old back up CD, I came across this little novel. It made me laugh although it wasnt the faintest bit funny. I suppose it is just the sweet innocent characters i wrote about then. All my recent characters seem to be having rather extreme dark sides to them…lolz. 

 I’ve got nothing to write right now except work on the manuscript (hand written one, folks. I’m an old-fashioned young lady. There you have it: full confession) of Spirit Chronicles. It’s drawing to an end, the first book, and for once I’m a little happy with the climax.

I was surfing through the net when I came across this badge called Society For Protection Of Cruelty For Blogs and it sorta hit me hard coz it was telling me to keep feeding my blog or it will die! (Who will start making a badge for Society For Protection Of Cruelty For Science Group Students or Lyrics Writing Science Group Students or Going Mad About Dying Blog Science Group Students?) I dont want my blog to die so I thought I’d put Immortals on it.


Or not.

It’s really youir choice.


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