What Spirit Chronicles means to me…and everyone else

The whole reason for my starting a blog was this and nothing else! I wanted a good place to post the single most important story I have ever written, and I wanted it fast. But due to certain technical difficulties, the story could not be put online…(blame it on my writer’s block…) .

Spirit Chronicles is a two part novel, with a first person narrative written from three different point of views. I’m halfway through the second book now, and it’s shaping up pretty well…my classmates and friends love it and demand I put it online, but it’s easier said than done…my fellow bloggers might follow me here if no one else does.  SC is an uncategorized story, because it’s fantasy, horror, sci-fi,epic and everything mixed together. It’s also the first novel I’m writing which has characters who are not in the oh-so-cute little boys and little girls age. I’m loving writing young-adult fiction, and I love writing from the POV of a girl who like me, is seventeen and clueless about life…I’m gonna put up a page for SC, in which I’m first gonna give a glimpse at the different characters and how to pronounce their names (dont blink at the page. it’s shy) without which no one would get through a word….so everyone check it out, becuase i think its pretty cool…and no. Its not chicklit.


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