It’s Christmas, It’s Christmas, it’s Christmas….

Shriekin screamin going on here!
I’m all set for the holiday…I’ve partayed in school with
all my friends, pigged out on cake layered in cream and
rich with plums, recieved presents, asked for
complementary wine from all my christian friends, made
a crib, decorated a christmas tree, seen a christmas
play, sang carols, and oh, am i in a jolly mood! Just an
hour left, and then i can eat that tremendous chocolate
cake sitting on my dining table decorated with the words
MERRY CHRISTMAS in pink…and I can hopefully wait
for a few presents since there’s a book fair going on and
its christmas and my relatives are taking me!
Oh, merry. merry, merry Christmas!
I hope u’re having fun too, and if u arent, at least i hope
you’re having a chocolate cake!
Here’s a toast to all of you: let’s come together this
Christmas and pray for all whose Christmas is going
to be sad and devoid of chocolate cakes.


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