Name generators galore!

Name Generators.
Love them.
Use them.
Be grateful to them.

Okay. I’m sounding a little fiendish.
Ever had a point in time when you’re holding a pen, chewing on it, racking your head for a well-sounding name for characters, spells, races or places? Ever wondered what could possibly be pretty enough for the princess to wear? Ever needed a god name, or description? The answer, my dear, is a name generator.
Now I don’t write hard core fiction as it is evident from the site. I consider myself too tied down by planet Earth to loosen ties and create a world as believable as Alagaesia or Middle Earth or whatever it is the name of the world in Dragonlance….thing is, I just cant make a world. Recently though, I gave it a try, and gave up trying because I just couldn’t find names interesting enough, places to fill the poor excuse of a map I had drawn or magic spells that was somewhat of the vein like THE DIAMOND TRIAL OF FRAIL WOMEN or something. So, randomly, I searched fantasy names on google….and voila! The world of generators was open to me.
Generators are so good that they make me wanna write a fantasy novel. All I need is a plot and characters and a good leather bound notebook to write in and a map. You might be luckier than me in this aspect. Possibly, you are good enough that you can break off the earth and invent a whole new world! If you are, and you need help, here are some useful sites I found:
THE SEVENTH SANCTUM is first on my list. The site is wonderful, user friendly and can be termed the daddy of generators. Generates places, clothes, weaponry, character names, magical schools, food, spells, drinks, gods, magical arts, and so much more which I just cant remember. If you need a cracking villain name like Voldemort or Galabatorix, search here. Here’s my favourite: Emeraude de Noire! Oh, and I loved the Technomancy generator which generates random subject-names like Alchemical Mechatronics. Lovely. Also worth trying is their spells generator, here’s an example :
Exalted SludgeWeb!
There’s a story waiting to happen!
The link is
SERENDIPITY is the name given to the generation site made by Mamon. This site is wonderful because it is so easy to browse. Character names and descriptions are easy to get, as are outfit generators and color generators. A really zany one is the Marie-Suzette generator: search and giggle. What I also loved is the Cuss-o-matic and the room generator by a guest to the website Zlana. The room generator can help you get good settings for a room, here’s an example:
The floor is plain wood, painted an ugly orange and accented with a bright yellow rug that fits the vast room nicely.
The site also generates very nice strongholds, magicians, potions, dragons and treasures. I particularly liked the magician generator, here’s an example of your custom made Merlin or Dumbledore or Oromis, name as you like but describe this way:
The High Visionary lives in a deserted monastery. He is said to be a renegade priest, who was once a wolf.
Zany? I told ya! The site also provides a mention of other name generation sites.
The link is

Chris Pound’s Name Generation Website is real nice because it contains character names which are ethnic. Get your hindi names here. If you’re thick skinned enough, you’ll go looking into all the other ethnicity names as well…for characters round the globe, this is the place to go.

Now, to generate easily understandable spells, it would be a good idea to download Inspiration Pad RPG naming software from
This software is easily downloadable, and can generate dwarf, human, elf, orc and skrat names, create random book names and descriptions (this I love), NPC’s which are useful even for authors, tavern, town and city names as well as ideas for treasure.

There is also which offers a free name generator and map making tips.
There is another name gen site you might want to try
\ which is good.

So say bye to your writers block and get writing with these name gen software. I’ll post more sites with more generation software…until then devote yourself to generating names…(no. its not literary theft to generate names) and may your swords stay sharp! (this is literary theft from the Inheritance Trilogy. No harm meant. Just using the expression)

Adios. And look out for the new installment of spirit chronicles.

© 2008. Varsha Dinesh.


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