i cant write a short story..tra la la la la!



I think I have whined quite a lot of times on this blog about my complete inability to limit a story to a few pages.

I haven’t?

Okay, here’s the confession.

I cannot write short stories.

I cannot write any story that is not 250 pages long and have sequels, prequels and epilogues and prologues and…..yeah, I write epics.

I cannot write a novella. Not even a 200 page one.

There. I’ve said it. Fact of the matter is this: my short story writing has always been limited to the exam paper we call English 1, which is the paper with all the writing skills and comprehension and grammar and stuff. The very first question is the writing skills one: write a 400 word composition on any of the following topics. All the following topics will be…ahem, creativity restraining. One would be to describe a highly unlikely event following a few guidelines already given (let’s face it. I cannot follow guidelines) , one would be to argue on a highly unnecessary subject, one would be an actually SERIOUS essay…you know? Nuclear Proliferation, or Poverty, or….I mean, I’d go on forever on one of those. So the only option I have is with the easiest: the story- writing. Here’s the list of the pathetic things I wrote:

1)      latest paper: A story about a girl called Josephine Daye who participates in a water-bike race that is somehow a big deal, and her friend Senna whom she participates for. At the end (horror of horrors) one girl hugs the other and go ‘OH, I knew you could do it, I just knew you could do it, you made me proud!’, this from me, the queen of satire and quick retorts and no-cheese-please replies.

2)      First sem paper: a pointless tragedy about a kid with cerebral hemorrhage. He dies at the end (yes, the teacher was upset) and my MC, (a theologist!) tells his mom how he was ready for it! (Yes, that was the end)

3)      Boards paper: a story about a mad girl who spreads a ridiculous rumor about her neighbour moving and his fiancée’s subsequent not-all-that-funny antics (I spent a subsequent two months of vacation worrying that this would cause me to lose all my marks)

4)      Models paper: my MOST pathetic story, the one about (shudder) an alien landing in my backyard and kidnapping me and taking me to the age of the dinos…(no, I’m going into convulsions. I think I’ll stop)



There were more stupendous examples of my non-existent short-story writing skills. Though I’m trying to get better. Because magazines and stuff don’t, you know, publish epics. Recently I read a few short story anthologies to get a grip on the skill of writing short stories. Then I wrote fairly better ones, an autobiography of a doll lost in a tsunami, one horror story about a vanished girl and such stuff…..

I think if I find one worth enough, I’ll put it on the blog.


One thought on “i cant write a short story..tra la la la la!

  1. well what can i say…now here is something that can be added into your autobiography when you become a great personality…really a nice piece of cake…or should i say cheese…even i got that probs..but its one helluva adventure.

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