I’m back!

Well, not technically. 🙂 I’ve still got chemistry to write, and english 2 (i didnt touch Macbeth book or my poetry criticisms yet….) and practicals….but i couldnt , you know, keep my hands off the keyboard, or stop looking at my fabulous blog….so, yeah.

Here’s the new developments

1) My Physics exam was pathetic. As in, I didnt know a single thing pathetic. I wanted to crunch up the question paper and chew it. I didnt, because I’m not a herbivore. Or a cow. He he.

2) I am a MUSE fan. I love them! I think they’re really awesome, and I love Stephanie Meyer for letting the world (actually, India) know that they exist.

Have you heard their Apocalypse Now? Knights Of Cydonia? Starlight? Supermassive Black Hole? TIme is Running Out? ….xxxxxlove!

3) I wrote another crappy short story. (sigh) This one about a girl facing a custody battle and a guy (the son of a mafia leader) who goes against his family and saves her from the clutches of her evil aunt (I know I’m bad. Stop laughing at me, you smug pigs)

4) I still love Muse

5) I still write crappy short stories.

6) I started a new blog (sshhhhhhhhhhh……..!!!) but it’s my personal diary and so you guys cant know the URL. (hi hi hi) I’ ll be using it to dish the dirt on everyone.

7) I’m being a bad girl. Sorry. It’s exam tension.

8) Spirit Chronicles has ended. Very happily, I might add.

9) Script Frenzy starts in a month.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. I still do not now how to write scripts.

10) I absolutely positively adore Kelley Armstrong ‘Dime Store Magic’ and I think it is an absolutely fun book.

PS: Do you read Vampire Knight? It’s really nice! Go to some manga site and start!


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