The Novella Tale

After that mess with losing my poem to another fellow who didn’t put pen to paper, I’ve decided to be a little more careful, and not paste my stories blindly onto the blog. And the result was: (drumrolls and flourish included) NOVELLAS.
Novellas are short novels I intend to write from now on, for the sole purpose of an internet audience. On writing this, I sort of will myself to the fact that, okay, someone might steal it (shudder) or use it or stuff….but since these are meant for that purpose (no. not stealing, for a net audience who might like to use it AFTER telling me) I wont feel all that bad about it.
Sadly, though, this excludes Spirit Chronicles and Son Of Fire, both of which involved MONTHS of wracking my head, chewing my pen and looking like someone had set my tail on fire looking for a plot. Boy, I’d like to keep those safe in a safe somewhere. So there wont be any more of those two books (because I love the characters. They’re mine.)
I’ll complete Blood Cure though, and then go on to one of these (there are three in my head. One’s called Mom’s Games, one’s called Black Rose and one is called Aria’s Song. All of them are scary little cookies) So, yeah….That’s all for now. I’m hungry, and I need some chow. So bye!



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