On the “Mom Games”

Yeah, the title is a little weird, I know. But do you get these days when you think of some story and it has this specific title that never gets out of your head? Yeah, the Mom Games were born like that. It has a little similarity to Joe Hill’s short story My Father’s Mask, but other than the same way in which it proves disturbing, I think there is not much common to both. (i adore Joe Hill by the way. He writes awesome horror short stories. grab his books)

Mom’s Games is about a special event  in the life of Chris Johnson and his fiancee Jennifer Thomas.  It’s a short novella, and will probably get over in a month or so. (I know i still have to do blood cure…sigh)

So if you’ve got time, drop in, click on the page and read. IT’s me writing after all.


(BTW,  adieu till Sunday, I’m on tour! )


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