Books and Novellas update

HEY, everyone.

School is finally let out for summer vacation, but tuition classes are still going on….pathetic, eh?

This is the April 1 update:


BLOOD CURE- last installment updated, and I’m making a PDF download available soon.

THE MOM GAMES- Installment 2 updated, working on 3.

SPIRIT CHRONICLES: New short story in the section soon to be updated. I’m working on it.


What I’m reading right now

SUSANNAH MORROW- Megan Chase: A look into the Salem Witchcraft tales. Very charming and sweetly old style.

CONFESSIONS OF AN UGLY STEPSISTER: Gregory Maguire: A really nice tale told from the point of view of Cinderella’s ugly stepsister.

PERSONAL DEMON- Kelley Armstrong: Eighth book in Otherworld series narrated by Lucas and Hope.

………Not that anyone wud be very interested in my personal choice of books. I also read Aravind Adiga’s Between The Assasinations, A nicely written book.

And I’m on chapter 189 of the TRC manga. (Sob)

CIAO, till i find something to write abt!


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