a sigh and then some

I started my classes recently, and now spent some six hours everyday in tuition classes. But you know what the worst part is??????
This Monday happens to be my b’day. And I have seven hours of classes on that day!!!!!! IT’s so horrible!

But one sacrifice for the future wont matter, right..? I hope, really.

I started reading James Patterson, and he’s pretty awesome. i also decided to start writing an actual fantasy, and it’s mine and my friend Joohi’s combined effort (she’s pretty good at plot making) Script Frenzy plans had to be abandoned this time becuase so many classes…(very ungrammatical, i know)

I’m on fiction press. com now, and my screen name is SweetAlchemy, I dont know why. And I won some 3000 bucks for something, so i can buy twilight books now…..yaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy………because I take a lot of inspiration from Stephanie Meyer’s language. I’m probably gonna take a vacation and go to Gangtok soon….I hope I can, because my brain is bursting right now, itz not a very likeable feeling

I think I’m gonna sleep. my eyes really wont stay open. Pathetic, eh? 

Well, I’d just like to say….ah, never mind. I’m so sleepy.


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