Quick lil update before I go to sleep

If anyone is wondering why a newly seventeen year old girl would go to sleep so early, I’d like to tell them :Bite me. I have a long day of tuition classes tomorrow. Not fair, you say. It’s Sunday.
Life is pretty much been the Amazing Race Extreme.

*I pledge not to whine for the rest of this post*

Let’s talk about nicer things. My mobile phone tragically passed away on recently, so I got a new Walkman phone *coz I soooooooo love music*And it’s pretty cool. The only problem is the way in which i have to resize any images i put in it to a miniscule size. My little bro started writing fantasy, and this really makes me laugh. Don’t ask why. Dont’t even bother to ask why. He’ll kill me if i share this.
I’m also in big trouble if i dont complete my project work anytime soon.
New stories are in trouble too. I wrote one about Angels by the way. not your typical “I’m pretty Angel” story. Very kickass. Because of course, I write only kickass. Even if it’s chicklit, Its KICKASS. Ha ha.
I unfortunately called the guy Jasper, and now everyone sort of assumed it stands for our dear vampire Jasper. You shud know whom i am referring to.
People out there, try reading James Patterson’s cradle and all. It’s absolutely thrilling.
Oh, here’s another photoshop creation. THanks Stephenie from Obsidian Dawn for the brushes. Check out her website now!!

Crazy abt wings ryt now!

Crazy abt wings ryt now!


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