Bye till May 14! And new story!

Okay everyone.

I finally get my well-deserved vacation to Gangtok and I leave tomorrow.

So a quick little preview into my new story which will be on Fictionpress soon….



Wrong Time To Kill



Angel Hale didn’t see the sheer drop. He didn’t get to scream before the wind cut off his voice and he dropped down into the darkness, branches ripping and clawing at him like beasts on a victim..  He hit the ground and it hurt. He watched the stars with eyes full of tears. Oddly enough, he didn’t scream or writhe or call out to anyone. There was just no strength in him to do all that and more. He just lay in the dark, over a smattering of twigs and branches and downy grass, his body battered from the fall. He was confused. Things played in front of his eyes, yellow spots…red spots…blue spots…

He thought he saw little birds playing about, and the moon seemed to dance up and down, and the sky seemed to tilt and rock. He worried a little that he was going to be late for the shooting. You can’t shoot an emo vampire series without the emo vampire.

Angel Hale.

Pretty name. Pretty boy. Soft dark hair, small perky features, cute solemnity. The kind of boy that waltzes through life making no impression on any one he had come across. He could be invisible and it wouldn’t matter to anyone. He wondered if anyone would notice he was gone. People simply didn’t know him. He had been in St Augustine High School for eight years now, and still got asked if he was a new boy almost everyday by people he had been classmates with.

Angel Hale.

The vampire Aidan Leroy was better known than him. His school-mates talked about Aidan and his melodramatic, overly bloody story without realizing that the actor was the same boy they had never talked to in class. Everyone knew Aidan Leroy. People sent messages to him, boxes of chocolates, lots of love etcetera. Maybe he looked different as Aidan, the teenage emo vampire on Blood Wicked. Sometimes he wished he actually was Aidan than just the guy playing him. There were whole websites dedicated to him. Still no one knew the actor. Just the character.

Ah well. When he died here, in this glen, the newspapers would publish it: Hit Teenage Actor Angel Hale Dead From Stupid Fall. No More Blood Wicked! Then the people in his school would realize. Angel Hale. The guy in our class right? No way! He was Aidan Leroy? I never even knew and he used to sit right next to me! Have you ever talked to him?!

He smiled rather bitterly.

The stab wounds were bleeding.

He saw one of his killers look over the top of the cliff. The wind floated down with the voice of the man.

‘Dead, I guess. He isn’t moving. The poor kid. He had to be in the wrong place at the wrong time’

Angel wanted to kill him. Kill the man who had shut his mouth and held him down while the others hurt him. He had never hurt anyone. He had simply stumbled into a crime scene. But they hadn’t heard his pleas to let him go. They’d held him down and stabbed him and then driven him up here and dropped him down.

He wondered if his parents had noticed his absence. Maybe they would notice at nine, when the shooting began. Then they’d search for him. Would they find him soon? Would mom cry? He loved his mother. She called him Angel. Even Papa got confused and called him by his character name at times. Angel had been acting since he had turned thirteen. Now he was seventeen, and Blood Wicked was still going strong.

There was a lot of pain now. He didn’t want to think about how many times he had felt the knife sink into his flesh. Countless, he knew. He didn’t want to think about being conscious and horrified as they drove him up here. Horrified because the jeans he was wearing was soaked with the blood.

When they had got here, though, the fear had gone away. He knew he was not going to escape. He knew he was going to be dead.

He closed his eyes, let the soft wind comfort him a little



Please Review this!

And btw, I’m also writing a story which i will consider for publication, called the Izzy Quest. Funny name, I know. Pray for me, brothers and sisters!



One thought on “Bye till May 14! And new story!

  1. its good one and different…a vampire’s feelings and loneliness are depicted brilliantly. i liked it a lot.

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