Books bands and a general update on life

@#$$%: Check out the new story on the side bar, The Mirror Boy , just written for a writing exercise #$#$#%$

A long Saturday….had a full day of classes. Seems really a lot like I’m a hamster on a wheel, running a full circle. On top of which, I’ve got to worry about my results coming out next week, and the crazy computer who seems hell bent on irritating me with fake virus alerts!
I tried a hand at P G Wodehouse’s enormous Jeeves omnibus…it’s really entertaining, a good read after a long day. Right Ho, Jeeves was really so AMAZINGLY funny. Anyone who hasn’t read it should be running to the nearest bookstore.
(Computer annoying me. Very much!)

I haven’t been writing a lot these days, although I did do the story I was writing about Angels, and will probably start work on my new one, Damet, a few days from now. I’m still developing the characters. And trying to make it sound less like Twilight. (oh, btw, I bought all the twilight books!) Now I’m starting to think it reminds me of Mark Canter’s Ember From The Sun- it’s a good read too, and very evocative. I am also going to start my sequel to Blood Cure, Blood Wicked, which will feature Emil, Jonah and Rhiannon’s daughter Sasha.

Sort of sad about not being able to read any mangas these days…I’m watching Hayate the Combat Butler on Animax which seems a lot like Jeeves with too many girls.
Wanted to watch Shagukan No Shana, Season 2…but it’s at seven thirty, which is my study time, boo hoo.

My band of the month is The Corrs, btw. Something about my present projects connects with their violin music and soft melodies. I’m also trying Vampire Weekend….gosh, crazy music altogether. And I’m right now addicted to Alannah Myles’ Black Velvet…so soothing, so sweet and relaxing, her southern accent is awesome.

I am still very, very incapable of writing short stories.
(Anyone who’s been following this blog should get the joke)

HP 6 will release in a month….Dad says he’ll take us to watch it. But I wonder….the whole Lav-lav, Won-won thingy?….

Anyway, going crazy so….

Peace Out….


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