On art and photoshop and little old me…

!@#@Photo manipulations under My Digital Art on sidebar#$#$#


Hmmmm…..I was ogling over these really great photo manipulations and digital art on www.deviantart.com, which I turn to when in dire need of brushes, custom shapes and stock images. It just struck me as a fantastic way to spend time which I don’t have to waste…As everyone can probably tell, I am not in the least way artistic, at least when it comes to drawing or painting. The only thing I can actually draw without feeling the most intimate desire to bang my head against something is manga and anime, and that too, only the eyes of bishonnen guys or gals. So digital art really seemed a great option for one so artistically challenged as mine. I mean, at least I don’t have to embarrass myself. I can always blame it on the mouse or the keyboard. That said, I should probably talk about exactly how crazy my imagination is. It’s not exactly the normal kind of overactive imagination either. I see funny surreal art in every normal picture. So I grabbed a few stock images and set to work, before I realized I didn’t know how to extract parts of images. The fact that an Extract tool actually exists never crossed my mind, and I spent hours using the background eraser tool on a wide pal picture! Anyway I learned to extract the hard way.

No one’s ever told me how to photoshop, and I cant bother myself about the tutorials because I’m a hobbyist, and I prefer to discover. Anyway I made some manipulations. I am supposed to give credits to the artists who made the stock images… but I never took down their names…(sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry) but know that you guys ROCK. Totally.


Thanks to,


nanfe_ stock








Thank you, guys.


Peace out.


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