The Tales!


Time to stop babbling and put up a story, huh?

A few months ago, I posted something called the Novella Tale. In which I declared, to the chagrin of many, that I was taking Spirit Chronicles off the blog. Well, no, I haven’t changed my mind. But the other day, I was reading Tales of Otherworld, short stories on the bestselling Otherworld series by Kelley Armstrong, who I absolutely adore. And I realized that this was the only way to keep an epic like Spirit Chronicles under check. I mean, I have a lot of sub stories and ideas which are too inconvenient to be in the main story. So, here they are, (because I’m tired of writing it down manually) in online form. (Not that any of my works are in any other form. Sigh. I’m bound to find a publisher in India who can consider the possibility of werewolves, vampires and so-so hanging about in front of the Taj Mahal) These are actually events that are mentioned within the book but are not explained in detail. Like Falan’s life before the first book (he wasn’t always twenty-one), Callandra’s missions, the escape from Genotec corporation, Juno’s death. Deva’s story, Star’s story….there’s a lot. And I have to write them, if only to enrich my character sketches. You can read them here. Oh, and before that, I need to acknowledge a few people who have been so kind to me, and have read all my books without complaints about the nightmares it gave them: My wonderful, wonderful friends and classmates- Nimisha, Jessica, Joohi, Anushree, Anjali, Lorette, Bucky, Aishu, Aruna…you guys read it first, and gave me so many new characters. Thanks for Zysel, Deva and Nimmi. My brat brother, who despite being a brat, loves hearing my stories! Oh, and Dad and Mom for letting me spend hours writing. When I should be studying. One of them would have killed me in the near future if I hadn’t done this. (Is that even grammatically correct?) You can pick up anywhere with these short stories, and they’ll come one by one, don’t worry. But if you don’t know the characters already, this might be a problem. So please check out the characters in the character sketch page!



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