A little story

Well this wasnt actually written for any book. i was just trying to make myself a collection of the creepiest, weirdest most thrilling prologues I can use in my novels. Because these kind of interesting prologues really get a story started….here’s creepy prologue No:1


There was a premonition, last night.

Twisting and turning on the bed, I tried to get it out of my head, but it wouldn’t go out. There were flowers in the dream, but they were all dead. Dead, and drooping, and withered by merciless time. Leached of color and warmth and fragrance; each one telling its own tragic story of being once adored and now left for dead.

There was deep sadness too: it lingered in the air, threatening to swallow me whole as I stumbled through the darkness, the emptiness with only the scent of the dead flowers to keep me company, without any mortal soul to hold my hand and whisper comfort. I remember the floor being wooden. The ceilings were high, and on a table, lay a note that said, simply, I Love You in beautiful calligraphy that I instantly recognized.

But the words didn’t warm me.

Instead, I clasped that note in my fingers and embraced it to my chest, and then I sank to the ground, weeping, and the tears darkened the floor where they fell.


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