One more year goes by…

I actually feel like I’m being cruel and criminally negligent to my blog, and it isn’t a nice feeling because the blog being dumb can’t even protest and run away from me.

Ah, enough with the blahs.

One more year goes by, and what did I get out of this year? Let’s see…nothing really HUGE happened this year, and it should really have, because it is the last year of school after all…but, well yeah, the only stuff worth mentioning is my newfound passion for Photoshop (not newfound, actually started at year beginning), my new found hatred for typing my stories onto the computer(I still pathetically stick to pen and paper), my intense love and now intense lethargy towards anything concerning too many emo vampires (dig on Twilight; NOT dig on House Of Night which I think is super cool even now) and my successful attempt at completing a few of my novels which did NOT involve aforementioned emo- vampires.

Hopefully, there will be better books and better chances to muck about than this year…I’m looking forward to that long vacation coming up after all the ten thousand and then some exams…Hopefully, the year will be good, and my ship will actually find shore and not end up like the Titanic being steered towards hurricane Katrina.
(I know I’m weird)

Well, yeah.
Ran out of words again. so,
Ciao. Peace out.


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