A Girl Named Charlie

So, officially, I’m going to start working on a story of mine called A Girl Named Charlie, odd name I know. This is in celebration of the successful completion of my two-part book series on unsyrupy, cool and shitty-talking vampires in Eyes Of Night: Obsidian and Eyes Of Night: Amber.
Although I couldn’t do much of the beloved creative visualism on them, I did do one for Charlie, in fact I did THREE.
‘..Charlie….’’ is a normal book.
I mean- people in it don’t fly, suck blood or generally go supernaturally crazy. It’s just a not-quite-love story. Sort of a tie up between the abandoned Izzy Quest and my dream character, one I’m calling Jaime, who wouldn’t fit into any other book. Jaime is so complex, that I’m at risk of actually ending up making him the main character than Charlie.

Well, and if anyone is wondering whether the idea for Charlie came from the ongoing Roadies season, then buzz off: my Charlie was born way before!!

the bright one

a brighter take on A Girl Named Charlie, for blog purposes


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