Boards On their way….

Okay , so here we are finally…board exams are around the corner. Actually, they’re well past the corner because practicals are over…I think i messed up Physics but Chemistry was sorta okay….as always my creative side (ha ha) pops up when exams are looming like the Himalayas on me…and I’m obsessed with this new story idea…but I’m channeling everything into art so i dont lose my head writing…i put the pictures on the blog too, on the side roll- called Book Covers…something. I forgot.
Anyway Macbeth is killing me…I’m going mad even thinking about Physics and I havent yet touched Chemistry.
I think Maths is the only exam i should actually go write. At least I’m not freaking out about that one.(Not due to my freakishly nil mathematical ability but at least…at least no by-hearting, right?)
So that is the end of that.
Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins ROCKS
Peace out,


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