The Long March Towards Freedom begins….

Actually, the long march to freedom began a long while back with the board practicals. And at least the “March” part of the long march is almost done…two more exams to my biggest hope of making up for today’s terrible Physics exam, Maths…and another my least favorite: Chemistry.
But ten days to go till Maths so I’m happy, at least for now…
Not that the ones that are over are much good…
I mean, Physics sucked. I didn’t know most of the numerical and i made stupid mistakes but for someone without tuition i guess i amn’t that bad…
English 1 was…okay…I guess. So so. That essay i wrote about a railway station was GOOD though, so I better get marks…but did I write my index number right? I am having evil doubts…
English 2 was actually good, English is of course my best subject…The options were:
1 The Hitchhiker
2 Javni
3 Indian Camp

and for poetry
1 Story Of Lost Friends
2 Journey of the Magi
3 any poem that impressed you

Since the only poem that really impressed me was Prayer Before Birth (and maybe Kubla Khan…just a little bit) and my essay was too short for that one i attempted Journey…with a lot of philosophy too, hope the examiner has a blast….Macbeth was pretty good too…
Environmental Education had me asphyxiating, literally, because there is no fan where I am sitting in that sweltering hall (Kerala seems to be having a California Summer) and then Physics….things just went wrong for Physics (and i don’t mean I-didn’t-know-anything-wrong…I mean food-poisoning-on-the-day-b4-the-exam wrong. Trust me, food poisoning right before Physics is bad. Very, very, bad)
At least I’m happy for my friends…both my besties did pretty well…thank God for that, at least no one can say we wasted all that combined study time…
10 days more before the last two on my list and then entrance…..

Thank god for those 10 days…

Peace out.


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