legally eligible to drive!

Finally , I can now learn to drive! Which is pretty good news actually since I love being behind the wheel…Also legally eligible to vote, but I am less concerned about that…all these recent spats in Indian politics have this really negative impact on us youngsters, the other day a friend was going on about how she thinks voting is a waste of time, because all that goes around now is dirty politics. Still, eligible to vote and I might exercise that…better a democracy than dystopia like in my new Sandburn trilogy. You need to really see from Hala’s point of view to see how fortunate we all are to live in a democratic world.
Anyway, i wont spout politics for long.
Almost done with all my entrances, just one left, and I cant wait! I’ve been scooping up all these ideas at the back of my brain, and I am dying to just write everything down somewhere. It’s going to be a fantastic va-cay, coz I have so much to write, and so many things I’m dying to read, and so much music i want to listen to (dad’s going to sue me about the internet bill) that I’m just waiting for that one more day to pass quickly.
Of course I already went to the library, but didnt find anything, just the new Angie Sage/Septimus Heap book- Syren. I’ve been reading her for years so I just grabbed it. Anyway, since it’s my birthday month I guess people will buy me books. (that’s what i’ve been getting every year since i turned six) Sometimes I remind me of Dumbledore, who wants socks for my birthday. Well, I dont want socks…but an i-pHone would be very nice, thank you.
I’m also doing some drawings of a few symbols i might use in my next e-book project, un-named so far…all i know is that my main character is going to be called Anaika. Chick-lit again, supernatural…


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