On wordless nothings

I love vacation.
This is a pretty cool statement because usually I get bored two days into vacation and just want something to do again. But this time, I have no intention of EVER committing myself into anything until and unless I have had two whole months of fun, frolic and absolute freedom!!!
As it was Birthday month, i got books again…I’m presently reading Elizabeth Kostova’s “The Historian” which has so far been…yummy writing. By yummy, I dont mean syrupy romance. This is potent stuff, descriptive, elegant writing at its best. Only two things ever really bring tears to my eyes: Lovely descriptive writing and onions.
I’m also checking out “Wicked Lovely” by Melissa Marr…its pretty good too, if you’re still not over paranormal romance.
As for my own work…re-vamping Lost Veda is not going a long way. i’m still developing a few characters. My dystopian fiction series though shows every chance of working out.
The latest addition to my repertoire of stories swirling around in my head is yet another paranormal romance sans bloodsucking vampires.
I swear I’m so over lovey-dovey bloodsuckers.
No offence to the Twilight series which still rock…but , whatever, to vamps.


So this one is called Ever Shine, and possibly the first chapter will make it…in about a very very long time because I’m having a situation here.
A quite amusing situation actually.
Since I was trying to write Sandburn in the present tense, I cant seem to get my past tense descriptions properly now. I go on autopilot and do present tense. Which is sorta freaking me out. But whatever.


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