New e-book preview…first few pages



The “ABOUT” page

I am Jaime Roy Zachariah, and my life sucks.
Usually, if your life sucks as much as mine does at this point of time, you’d rather keep it to yourself than share it with the world and with the internet community at large. But the aforementioned “internet community at large” is basically easier to talk to than well-meaning but rather scary-looking social workers I always get myself assigned to in some way or the other. These people really, really scare me into silence.
Anyway, I turned eighteen on December 31st / January 1st in 2008/2009 because of which I think I have become legally eligible for my fundamental rights. I really don’t have any confirmation on this, but that’s not new. At least I know there is something called a fundamental right which is more than what I can say about my fellow eighteen year olds.
I was supposed to be in college, but currently I’m really not being a very good boy and sitting in class. In fact, I have never really been a good boy and have never really sat in any class at any college for any specific reason.
I live in another nonsense little town that has no specific history nor good infrastructure nor good educational institutions or even mildly interesting incidents of militancy or insurgency or bloody religious rituals. I live with my uncle who makes it a hobby of his to get drunk on illicit toddy and then come home and throw me around. From the number of people who die everyday after drinking denatured alcohol, you’d think that someone would feed him a little of it so he can at least go satisfyingly blind, but no, he always come home perfectly drunk and completely not-blind. Or dead.

(c) Varsha Dinesh. 2010


2 thoughts on “New e-book preview…first few pages

  1. Congratulations! This is very good indeed. I just love the mordant sense of humour, I sense a keen intelligence.

    I found my way here from your post on masks, which I found fascinating, very cleverly written so as to be perfectly impenetrable and keep the reader trapped, guessing in a maze of metaphor and juxtaposition of ideas.

    You are literary to the marrow of your bones, in love with language.

    You’re a rare treat to meet, lol

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