Result Blues

So finally the entrance and board exam results are out.
Entrance results actually left the past six years pattern and evolved into some strange and utterly unpredictable pattern. I had sort of guessed my rank would be in the first 3000 and I was right by a narrow margin. I got my rank in the early 2900s. I’m actually happy about it because it means i could get in one of the good colleges in my city (thank god for that)
ISC results came out today at 3 in the afternoon, and boy it was pretty shocking.
As always i expected max for English…only got 88. I wonder why, because i was pretty sure i’d gotten everything down. Most of my schoolmates scored the same kinda marks. Phy and Maths was surprisingly awesome…both late 90s. πŸ™‚
EEd was as expected- above 90 and below 95…Chemistry came as a terrible shock…early eighties…organic must have got messed up…
Anyway, the results give me an aggregate of 92 percent, and i think that’s not bad coz no one is running after me with chapatti rollers at least….
Tomorrow is our planned visit to school to see all our teachers…I’m guessing the tenthies did pretty well for the boardz though the twelfthies disappointed (especially english)….well, sad about English but happy about everything else…
Sort of started typing out something new but couldnt really find time to post it online yet…time to go…


One thought on “Result Blues

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