On writing

It is finally raining in Trivandrum (thank God for small mercies)

I took a break from scribbling in my newly acquired top quality writers’ notebooks to type into my newly acquired(well, not really) top quality (?!) MS Word 2010 beta version. I dont know why I even bother, because I seem to have writers block brought on by the worst possible reason: I have too many ideas and only one hand to write them with.


I’m not actually busy these days, so my only excuse of not actually writing is the fact that I have only one hand. You can understand. Also I’m facing a descriptivity problem. I cant describe things satisfactorily. I wonder what would cure that???

A good orkut friend of mine actually started this graphic novel on this blog: www.altral.blogspot.com

I think it’s a really cool idea, and a really awesome artist had collaborated with him to create these artworks, which are pretty fab too…so anyone who sees this post please check that out, make us happy…

I’m going to post the first chapter of the new version ofย  Son of Fire on the blog…check that out too…




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