Maudlin( means sentimental and cutesy. Just found out)

Edited and Added: I didnt know this blog post would be so long…if you are attempting to read it, a word: it’s actually quite funny, according to reliable critics…anyone from HAISC , please read the whole thing!!!)

As facts go, I havent really had a chance to quite get bored this past vacation. From spewing completely useless off-topic and mundane posts about my even more mundane life on the blog, to photoshopping, to writing my utterly impossible to name new so far 100 page long book, to reading completely new authors, to sending college applications, to vacillating between electronics and mechanical engg….life has been quite clearly and very simply stating…fun.

A word on the above said off-topic mundane stuff: what the hell do you expect someone to write about anyway during a three month long vacation before I have any chance of even seeing the threshold of a college? (And I just learned to spell “college” correctly. How…enlightening.)

Another word, this time on photoshopping: quite simply stating, this is THE past time for the bored not-school not-college in between two completely different worlds girl.

Yet another word, this time on Reading: I recently came across this short story collection by Stephen King, named Just After Sunset. The introduction rather reminded me of myself (i am not being self-glorifying by comparing myself to the master of horror and the macabre, seeing as i am quite incapable of writing macabre at all…it just somehow ends up romantic or at best, sentimental *beep*) insofar as I find it difficult to write short stories as well. King put it quite nicely in fact, saying that novelists feel a sort of creative claustrophobia when their creativity is restricted to a few pages. So count this as a vacation resolution or something: I am going to bang myself into writing short stories. Because before my world became centered around two hundred plus page novels, I COULD actually write a good one occasionally. Another sadly ignored form of writing is poetry, which I am quite fond of, I find that sometimes prose is more restricting than poetry. My poetry writing though is a whole different (and as usual) a quite amusing story to tell, and maybe I will tell it soon. Hmm….maybe I should tell that story in poetic form.

Just After Sunset is anyway a really lovely collection of really good creepy stories. I also recently read SHADOWFIRES by Dean Koontz and found it like his first few novels…like Mr.Murder, Servants of Twilight and especially Shattered…phenomenally fun. I rather love Dean Koontz more than most other horror novelists, maybe because he sort of steers quite clear of gross stuff and concentrates more on the really spine tingly stuff. Grossness is not horror, as some people may think. A bug eating someone’s brain is just gross. A human psycho watching your every move, listening to your every word, intercepting your plans…that can be horror.

And the way Koontz writes it, it is just…to echo certain critics with a warped sense of excitement…un-put-downable. (Believe me, I came across a review with this word in it. Is it even legal?) Full of cars and mad scientists and stuff I love the most in horror stories.

Another completely off-topic thing: P. G Wodehouse rocks.

That’s it about that funny man really. Even his introduction to his books rocks. How many people can do that, seeing as most of the readers NEVER bother reading the (usually) quite painstakingly written introduction? (I do, because I am a GOOD girl. I read introduction and conclusion and even the most mundane Author’s Note. Are you listening, Santa? I’m GOOD)

A reason for this madness you see above is quite easily explained : I am maudlin. (I found the word recently and am now, very unashamedly, using it EVERYWHERE. :))

Gee, I dont even know if that above context is right.



(I am….very maudlin)


SON OF FIRE CHAPTER 2 NOW PUBLISHED…SEE THE DROP DOWN MENU ( Its so cool I have a drop down menu :))

Ciao and Peace out.

(Does that even make sense?)

(I am maudlin)

Word on the picture : not my work. just thought it was cute. found it while researching the art of tattooing and piercing.


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