That Old Silver

I think character blogs are pretty fascinating. Recently into it, actually…and i decided to start one myself. The result of this decision is That Old Silver, a character blog from the view of Diya Madhav, a teenager living in a Homeless Shelter and trying to cope with a flighty Mom and a shady mystery involving her best friend and her family. Catch up with Diya and Kit here
I am also putting an excerpt from That Old Silver here. I shall most probably start working on the novel as well.

Happiness Home has been the one thing I could call home for a while now, so it would be unfair if I didn’t post about it and its occupants. I came to Happiness Home a while back because I couldn’t stand ghastly sitcom addicted Auntie Supriya, nor could I tolerate Mr. Corporate I-have-no-time-for-you-young-lady Uncle Prabhakar, and Mom Aneesha wasn’t even a choice because she had run off on her spirituality quest.
When I came here, all I really had was lots of clothes, a draft of the graphic novel I had started work on (it’s called Awakening Purple) and of course, that old silver chain Dad had given me. Later, Auntie Supriya dropped by and gave me the keys of that horrid house Mom apparently left in my name…..

Wanna read the rest? Click right HERE


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