Unwritten Laws of Rain


That many-mood, impulsive entity that patters, drizzles, lashes, howls, rages, pours, showers, sprinkles and does a lot of other things that almost make it seem like a very tempestuous human being.

Right now, its rainy season in Trivandrum, and it’s really wet, everywhere. There’s water in my driveway, water on the roads, water in the ponds and pools and whatnot. The gutters have filled, puddles have hidden the sinkholes, and everyday at least three motorbikes go plunging into one hidden hole or the other. I rather love the rain, especially when I have a good book…but I tend to dislike too much of it, and the following observations have greatly contributed to that feeling.

(My name means rain and summer showers by the way)

#1 Law of Sunshine-gone-wet

It only rains when you are really, really looking forward to going somewhere sunny.

#2. Law of Umbrellas

The probability of having an umbrella is inversely proportional to the probability of rain.

#3. Law of Immature Impulses

If you try to get wet in the rain, your boss, your parents and everyone else who matter will come to know about the immature impulse you had given into.

#4. Converse Law of Immature Impulses

If you control the above impulse, then no one will even think about your existence, thereby causing you to completely regret not having given in to the impulse.

#5.  Law of Painting in summer

If you decide to paint your walls in the sweltering heat of midsummer, there will be a hail-storm and added rain that very night.

#6. Law of Insomnia

If you are looking forward to having a nice  nap, it will rain with increased sound effects, thereby increasing the probability of you getting a nasty case of insomnia.

#7 Law of Car-washing

It always rains just after you wash your car.

#8. Law of Potted Plants and Lawns

Following from #7, it always rains just after you water your precious outdoor potted plants and those well-mowed lawns.

#9 Law of Good Clothes

It always rains when you wear your favorite dress and venture out without an umbrella. It always stops raining the moment the dress gets ruined.

#10. Law of Electricity

Although Benjamin Franklin would relate this in a different way, the probability of there being rain is directly proportional to the probability of there being no electricity for a very long time.

Wanna add more? Feel free to comment and add your own observations about rain!

Let me go back to my hot coffee and The Dark Divine by Bree Despain while the rain pours outside!

the blue umbrella is from link
the rain drops pic is from link
the other strange pic is from link

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