Trials of a self-taught Photoshopper

I sorta finished working on my covers for Darkest Light. Someone on the internet sent me a mail the other day asking if I had any graphic designing experience, and I had to laugh, rolling on the floor, literally.

Because. I. Can’t. Design. Anything. To. Save.My.Life

This is strictly true when it comes to pen and paper of course….with photoshop, though…and some help from the heavenly stock-providing angels of DeviantArt and free fractals site, I tend to give some release to the locked up(and chained and cuffed and manacled and shackled) artistic talent in me. (I am, like, so jealous of my character Dayan) Because I love art.

I love looking at art, I love dreaming about art and I have such a weakness for art and artists that I wonder if I’ll go paranoid to the degree that I’ll get a restraining order if I ever do meet one who is like really really good…just like Dayan, or Melissa Marr’s totally awesome Seth.

Not that I go out of my way to do anything about my less than wonderful photoshop version.

(Yes, I am still on PS 7 although CS 5 is now out…I blink at the screen longingly whenever I go on the PS  site….and then I blink at my absolute lack of any funds whatsoever)

So I went on Smashwords recently and realized that as long as I behave well and format my e-books, they’ll be willing to publish me. Their e-books, it seems, are compatible for i-Phone, i-Pad, Google Android phones, the Barnes and Noble nook, Amazon Kindle and every other e-book reader and Mobipocket. (none of which is owned by yours sincerely, I’m still on my NWZ616F Sony Walkman and LG KP115 phone which supports NOTHING but mp3…boo hoo)

I’m hoping to God that my readers own ALL of this stuff and MORE.

The point I was trying to make, before I got oh-so-totally distracted was that they required me to make my own book-covers. So I…uh, made them.

These are the Darkest Light trilogy’s covers…please comment on them and tell me if you think anyone will look at my book because of the cover…or if no one will look at it because they actually utterly despise it. Click to view(please :()


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