New looks, and new starts

I guess I have a thing for changing the way my blog looks every few months. I don’t know why. Most people with blogs really don’t bother with changing the layout much, and I usually despise having all black stuff, but Modularity Lite is what I would call the most awesome theme on WordPress because of its wonderful customizability and the awesome slide show option(which I wish could be sized according to our wishes) as well as the sleek transparency effect that lets you see through a shade of black and then to the custom background beyond. I love, love, love Modularity Lite.

Come to think of it, I have a thing for changing a lot of things.

I love CHANGE…probably why Anaika from my new book (done by hand, on traditional notebook and pen) represents Change in her world.

I change my writing genre often, going from fantasy to comedy to tragedy to paranormal romance to sci-fi…because unlike most others, my interest doesn’t fit into any niche. I maybe the most genre-ically sound person existing…because I can (apparently, and to my absolute shock) write both Sandburn and Darkest Light together. I love it, too.

(Few things about me I actually love- 1)the aforementioned no-books-barred attitude to literature, 2) The fact that I seem to have generated self-satisfying insomnia 3) my wonderful ability to write wonderful things about myself so others can snigger)

Anyway, I started on my new project today, and it is called the Rogue Infinity, a sci-fi dystopian novel focussing on a theory we all studied and then dissed. Berzelius will be awfully pleased with me.

This book, again, will be in traditional notebook-and-pen format, but I’ll probably put some of it online because I thoughtfully removed Darkest Light…sigh.


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