Off to College

"New starts"All right, blogosphere!

College starts tomorrow for me, and I don’t know what to expect. My besties are all in other colleges, (:() but there are still a few joining along with me in SCT college of engineering, and some of them are thankfully the same branch as me: the  coveted (and right now terrifying) branch called Electronics and Communication Engineering. (anyone EC here? tips, please!) EC may not be as EC (easy) as it sounds.

My humor sense has apparently deserted me, FYI, the ones who are rolling their eyes at the above pun thingy.

I joined today and have to say that the campus is much better looking than anyone could expect it to be. Although I have no means of getting to college, really, as the  college bus has wonderful reputation of attracting a terrific crowd of all kids from first to fourth years, and I do NOT want to travel on footboard, not with my penchant for trouble and inability to walk on a flat surface without falling down somehow (Pardon me if I sound like Bella here, it isn’t a comparison I would make deliberately as my followers would be well aware of. It’s the plain truth :I’ve broken two bones on my foot, torn two ligaments and ripped one tendon. Seriously. I should be in the Guiness book by now, if it weren’t for all those other damn people who break all 206 of these bone things)

Joining college is not going to be a damper to writing, I hope. I recently started working on a new book, yet unnamed, in hand-written manuscript form. Nevvie in my book reminds me of Sookie Stackhouse, so I’m taking a sabbathical from True Blood for  a while and starting Glass House, people say it’s good.

Still. I wonder how my new college mates will react to a paranormal blog writer.

No more uniforms, by the way. (Groan or hurray? Ask me in a few weeks when I won’t know what to wear)

Ciao for now.

(Will be on deviantart soon…Yayyyyy!)

Image credits:

Model: Iardacil stock on DA

Background: Superior Stock on DA (colored by me)

Brushes: Stephenie on Obsidian Dawn


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