Team Peeta or Team Gale? A few more hours, and we’ll find out!

The most awaited book of the year is FINALLY coming out on August 24th…and that is JUST a few very, very long hours away. Hunger Games captured the fascination of thousands of teenagers and raised dystopian fiction to a new level with the first book in the trilogy itself, the Hunger Games.

Unlike Twilight and the other popular books these days, there’s nothing paranormal about Hunger Games but it has everything else: an awesome, butt-kicking heroine, Katniss Everdeen; the two equally wonderful guys- Peeta and Gale (shouts “I Am Team Peeta”!!) who divided the young adult population who read Suzanne Collins’ awesome book into two factions: Team Peeta and Team Gale; and of course there is lots and lots of action.

Perhaps the appeal of Hunger Games basically lies in the heroine. Katniss is addictive: she is not weak or submissive as I sometimes find Bella to be, neither is she cold and iron-hearted like some other heroines. From the very beginning of the book, when Katniss speaks of her father’s death and her mother’s subsequent withdrawal I loved her for her spunk and for being brave enough to do what no one else did in District 12.  I kept on loving her throughout both those books (read during the awful school final exams….so they have a special place in my heart in that way as well) because Collins never made Katniss superhuman and superstrong. I loved Katniss for her flaws. I loved Katniss because she is willing to kill to live, and is a little selfish at times (of course she gets angry at herself later on) and her ties with her family is something beautiful. I loved Katniss and knew she was going to be my favorite heroine from the moment she stood up and took Prim’s place to participate in the Hunger Games. When Panem saw her as their revolutionary , their Mockingjay, Collins completely convinced me. I exulted in the fact that the people of Panem loved Katniss.

Another great thing about Hunger Games is that Collins gives a not mushy and very sincere approach towards stuff like love. Cinna and his team is actually fun even when they make Katniss miserable, and sometimes even the Games itself becomes very exhilarating under Collins’ mighty pen.

But the greatest thing about HG?? You got it- the BOYS. Gale, the best friend (and in my opinion the much darker natured one) or Peeta ( I  have no words to describe him except as some kind of an angel- Peeta Mellark has to be my favorite character in all of fiction)…again, unlike Twilight, no one dominates in Katniss’ heart. She likes Peeta….but does she?  The same applies for Gale…

I personally hope Team Peeta wins. True. Some people consider him weak and helpless without Katniss….but is that really true? Peeta is no sweet little innocent, he can survive with his tongue alone. And I just can’t be Team Gale…we know nothing much about Gale except Katniss’ view of him…and Katniss’ view has been flawed.

A bookstore in Indiana apparently gave out copies of the book already…


Buttercup is alive. People love this.

President Snow is sick. Hmmm….I wonder why I missed that twist.

Katniss does NOT die. (Yayyyy!!!)

Katniss does choose one of the guys. (Keeping my fingers crossed here….)

There is an Epilogue (everyone hopes and prays it’s not like the HP ending)

There are more of these floating around all over the place but I’m going to stop for now and hope and pray that I get Mockingjay fast enough…before all the spoilers come crashing down on me.

Happy Reading!

(Team Peeta rocks!)


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