Bringing Sandburn To Life.

Slowly, Hala's world comes to clearer focus.

So it has been a while since I posted anything. Apologies to those of who who subscribed to my blog, I haven’t been feeding my blog quite as much as I usually do, but will do so in the future. As of now, life is going along the carved out smooth path…thanks to friends and family. Nearly done with editing on one book, nearly done with manuscript on the other…and I’ve finally decided to plunge in and start the epic trilogy I want to write so much. I had the pleasure to read The Dark Tower by Stephen King recently, and I realized that what I’m doing with SB is very  much what he did with The Dark Tower…waited for it, and waited for it because I want it to be perfect, that masterpiece, that lifechanging book every writer waits for. Well, this one is not going to probably make it to my expectations either, but at least the art part of it is…

I changed the story a little, for the benefit of those who have been following the story and the character development plans I posted earlier. Changed it to a darker, stranger version…and not just something that (once i finished reading Mockingjay) seemed to be a Hunger Games ripoff. (There is nothing really similar here, except the future tense usage…but my friends find that just that one element itself makes it a little similar to Panem and Katniss’s world.) Much as I love Hunger Games, I do not want to do a ripoff of Suzanne’s style or her story, so I set out to just change the way I was looking at SB trilogy. The result is this new and improved version I’m still typing out on my PC.

Sigh, at least the map is done.

Very slowly, Hala’s world is coming to clearer focus, and I hope it can burst into glorious life soon enough. As for now….at least there’s a map.:)


Map of Controlled States- copyrighted


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