New Artwork

.So it’s been a while.

A long while.

My absence from blogosphere and the internet in general can be attributed to a lot of things, the chief of which being exams, a motherboard crash that had me running for backing up all my files (unsuccessful and unfortunate) in vain. So now I’ve ended up with no large collection of stock photos, no ebooks, no fonts, no PS brushes and no anime  videos. Blank slate, fresh start, tragedy…you could call it anything.

What did I learn?

Buy a pen drive. Buy an external hard disk. If you have no money for both, well then find some way to get backup for all your files.

Backup, as they say, is of vital, vital importance.

There’s new artwork coming up  and this one is themed JUST BRUSHES

As I lost my stock photos I ended up with only a saved collection of brushes and custom shapes, using which I created these…All of them are urbanscapes. The buildings are done using the sets Vector Megapolis and other buildings CSH from

You can find these stuff on (thanks again Stephenie), and sometimes….

A rose picture for bg, paint splatter brushes, color overlays, a custom made color action, blending and voila!


Basically smoke brushes, filters and the distortion feature


Basic PS- a stock photo for reference, some CSH, some hi-res brushes, curves, replace color, shear and pinch



One thought on “New Artwork

  1. So very sorry for your horrible computer crash. That is just the utter and complete worst thing … and so stressful! Bleh! So glad you and your blog have survived it all.

    ~ Tami

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