Art And Dystopia

So I’m sick.

And haven’t been to college. 

It’s sorta good and bad because: 

1) I feel horrible but am happy that I didnt have to submit that horrible assignment.

 2) I made a new picture 

3) I wrote a little more

 4) I’m getting time to comment on my followers’ pages.

So check this picture out. This is also story-inspired but I will NOT be posting anything at all about this story because this is my IT project, the one book I will be taking no chances on, the one book I will be going the traditional print route with. It’s my big-dreams book. It’s dystopia, but it has a beautiful romantic background and a very nice bunch of characters.

Let me thank TwiggXstock on DA for the beautiful model, and NebelDarkened for the partial background. I’ve played with the model’s hair and given her eyes a different color, and am so pleased that I got someone who looks almost the way I want my heroine to look…



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