The Author

SO you’ve seen Realitie or Fantasie. And marvelled over it. And wondered why it’s called Realitie or Fantasie. And wondered if  I can’t spell reality and fantasy. And wondered why the hell the user name is annalsat16.

I can spell. Realitie….is spelled that way becuase it’s more rhythmic somehow, more pretty. A writer’s madness. And it’s called that because most of my novels have a Kelley Armstrong, Kim Harrisson, Stephanie Meyer, Meg Cabot touch. Chick lit + supernatural. It’s fantasy mixed in with reality.
And annalsat16 should be annalsat17 now….and probably annalsat50 after a few years (sigh)

Who am I?

Easy. I’m Varsha Dinesh, and I live in the very busy, very green city of Trivandrum in Kerala. They dont call it God’s Own COuntry for nothing. I run to and fro to tuition classes, school and back and squeeze in some writing time on and off….I can also brag about how I play my beautiful gleaming dark-brown violin and how I sing Indian Carnatic Music (at which I’m a whiz) and how I can watch Tsubasa Chronicles reruns for the thousandth time and how I can read Manga forever and how I love listening to Colbie Caillat and Muse….and how I think vampires are pretty awesome and how I have a brat younger brother (who manages to look a cute angel despite his evil nature)…

I can also go on about how i cant draw, and how i hate my wavy hair, and how nothing you get in cloth stores never fits me well and how i am the only girl in the whole of my grade who enjoys studying literary criticism.


All this and more on Realitie…or Fantasie!

PLEASE support a young aspiring author.

I’ll buy you all Hershey’s Kisses when I grow rich and wealthy.

(Or maybe I wont. I know all of you want that honed figures)


14 thoughts on “The Author

  1. hey,great job varsha.
    i came here after some time and it’s all shiny in here…
    great work…

    and yes,i just love your writing…
    keep it up!!!

  2. awesome writing kiddo!!!! can say that coz im official older than u by 4 months!!! 😀
    luved all ur buksss.. even the once u’ve neva published starting frm ur ghost stories we in grade one!! 😀
    till the bad vibes story i last heard!!!!
    luvd all ur characters…startin frm chris and kiran… till alesan(hope thats the spelling)

    especially saaya( thank u!!!!)
    keep making plots!!!
    keep ringing me in the middle of the night to tell those plots!!
    keep writing them!!!!

    YOUR most supporting and no.1 fan!!

  3. BTW don 4get my 10% if u eva publish a book for being ur No. ! fan since childhood and makin u get unstuck with my stupid ideas which u formulated into a btr one!! 😀

  4. What should say..? i luvd the way you introduced yourself..!! awesome work, i mean by creating this website and all..!!


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