Blood Cure 1

He looked a little bundle of joy to me.

He was only as small as the palm of my hand, a miniscule baby, hardly anything dangerous or an
entity to be feared. He had the most intense blue eyes; I saw when I reluctantly peeked over the shroud that covered all but his head.

My breath had caught in my throat when the weak mother had handed him to me, the one
she would have done good to fear and shy away from.

‘My child….’ Her low, soft hiss rang in my ears. ‘, Take good care of my child…’

Her white blond hair was matted with blood; eyes barely alight with life. She would not
live to see dawn, and if left with her, neither would the baby.

I debated endlessly, questioning my ethics and my morals…could I stoop as low as to nip the life of a hapless newborn
short? …Could I risk what he could do to humanity if I saved him from a certain death? …

Uneasiness sagged my brain, and I stood there in doubt as the dark room and the smell of
death became more and more repulsive. The walls, scarred with the passage of
water, seemed to come closer, attempting to crush my weak heart and me. No, I
could not show compassion. He was an alien in our land, a child from a far away
land of savage blood-drinkers…his mother had killed many innocents before my
gun had ended all that…yet I could not, would not bring myself to kill him.

‘Promise…me…’, the mother gasped, seeing her end looming close, and clutching my hand
‘…promise…you must…help…my child, my Emil…don’t let him be killed…’

I ripped my hand away from her hold, appalled and frightened despite my resolve to be the
best slayer. I have seen others like me gently smirk, an expression that made
even vampires cringe, and slash newborns into pieces. I had never had to face
such a situation, and so had never discovered my weakness.

Earlier that night, I had come down into her underground hideout and lost my comrade to her
wildcat attack as she strived to protect her baby. She seemed alone, and that
was new to me…I had never seen the cold-blooded ones living alone. It was all
too easy to outdo her inside the dark, wet chamber she had made her home. I had
almost walked out of the chamber after incapacitating her and dooming her to
death when she had cried out to me, praying me to take mercy on her son.

‘Give him to me!’, I had cried, a feral snarl, savage hatred burning in me. ‘Give your brute
to me, and I will end it here! I will destroy him before your very eyes, evil

‘Mercy, please…mercy, he is but a few hours old…’

I had meant to crush his throat in my hand the moment she handed him over, but my heart did
not allow me. We did not have children, Mythri and I, and I had always wanted a

The thought repulsed me.

I chastised myself for thinking that way, and brought myself to throw the boy to the dying
mothers’ lap, but before I could, she spoke again, desperately, her voice but a
whisper of pain ‘You call us savage and cruel…you find us appalling…change
that, gentle slayer…change my boy, make him one of yours…let him live, he knows
nothing of his true nature…’

He was a beautiful baby, soft-skinned and delicate like all infants but icy cold, like
all of his kind.

‘Have mercy…mercy…’the woman whispered, then took a ragged breath, and was gone.

I stood holding her sniffling baby for a while, then turned and walked back to the ladder,
and up into the sunshine.

‘A vampire baby…’ said Mythri, amused when I recounted my story and gave her the boy. ‘,
Well, he is the most beautiful baby I have seen’

‘And the coldest’ I reminded her.

She caressed him. ‘I could love him as my own’


‘Iha, listen to me, she was right, we can change him, change the way he lives…’

‘He will die without blood’

‘Do you propose to kill him?’ she hissed, and as I stood in indecision, she began to
sing a lullaby.

‘I have not heard you sing in years’ I said, reproachfully.

‘I have not been so happy in years…I just know he belongs here…with me, growing up as my


‘He need not hunt humans…we can find another way, a way to curb his wild nature…’

‘There is no way…’

I saw tears in her beautiful eyes and knew I should never have brought the child here, now she
would never let him go.

‘You will regret this’

‘No, Iha. Never’

I sighed. ‘He has a name’

She brightened. ‘Yes?’

‘Emil. Emil D’Souza, the vampire boy’


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