Blood Cure: 4

Part 4

The Clan




I was lounging in my office, my legs on the dark mahogany table, my hands beneath my head. Rhiannon surprised me when she walked in, her long curtain of hair billowing in the wind as she did.

‘I thought you were taking a flight to France, or Timbuktu or something?’ I muttered, squinting at her in suspicion.

‘Ha, ha, very funny.’ she rolled her eyes, shaking droplets of rain off her strawberry blonde hair.  ‘, Emergency, actually. That slayer’s wife is dying’

‘Oh, crap’

I sat up, and a crystal chalice clashed to the floor.

I looked down, and saw Rhiannon’s face reflected a million times in the facets of shattered glass. Her blue eyes glinted with anxiety.

‘How the hell did that happen?’

Rhiannon shrugged her slender shoulders. ‘Some godforsaken idiot decided to go after her’

‘And Emil?’ I asked, in concern. Because of course, he was what interested me in the whole equation.

‘Jonah…maybe its time…’ said Rhiannon, reluctantly. ‘, We should go to him…’

‘Someone told the slayer the cure, right?’ I said, my voice a low growl. I was surprised with how furious I sounded. ‘, Now he’s trying to kill Emil?’

‘Well, not yet. Soon’

‘Rhiannon… how’s the boy?’

Again I saw the deep worry etched in her interestingly turquoise eyes.

‘Not too good. Something happened to him…he looks like he lost it or something’

‘Crap’ I said again, banging my fist on my table.

‘Hey, Jonah? We’ll go to him, okay? It’s better than this watching from the side thing. He noticed me today.’

‘And say what?’, I asked sarcastically. ‘,Hi, Emil, we’re part of your savage and bloodthirsty clan, why don’t you join us so that we can all lunch on a bunch of unsuspecting humans until we’re satisfied?’

‘Oh, cut it out.’ She looked a tad offended.

Rhiannon really was remarkably beautiful, even amongst our clan. If she had just been a little less sensitive…

‘Emil hates our kind, and he’ll freak big time if we show ourselves on his doorstep’

‘He can’t just hate us forever, Jonah, we’re his siblings’

I arched an eyebrow. ‘He hardly thinks of vampires as some version of humans. If we go marching in there claiming to be his brother and sister…ah. You can see why I can’t see that happening’

‘You think the father will try and kill him?’

I pursed my lips, looking at her with narrowed eyes.

‘Maybe. Before that…we will have to act’

She looked at me in confusion. ‘But that was exactly what I said. I said we’d go to Emil’

‘No, we won’t. We can work from a distance. First, we’ll find the vampire who poisoned Mythri.’

‘And what? Bring him back for the antidote?’

‘Him or her’

‘Jonah, you can’t possibly be serious.’

‘Why not? We can suck out the poison we ourselves have injected’

Rhiannon watched me intensely for a long time.

‘Then I may have an idea as to who that vampire was’ said Rhiannon, her turquoise eyes fixing wearily on me.

I gasped. ‘Rhiannon!’

She looked away.

‘Who was it?’

She looked up at me, and funnily, tears filled her eyes.






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