blood cure. some part. i forgot- comes after 5

My mouth fell open.

The young man named Jonah smiled, and the smile somehow did not reveal his pointed teeth. It looked like a sincerely friendly grin.

‘Ah…you should sit down’ said the man, amicably. I raised my eyebrows into an arch of bewilderment and sat. ‘,How’s Emil?’

‘He hates all of your clan’ I said, rocking back and forth.

Jonah sighed. ‘I know. And all of your clan hates him’

I looked down at the floor.

Rock, rock, rock.

‘Isn’t it better if you just let him accept who he was? Just let him accept that to drink blood is as inevitable for him as it is for you to drink water?’

Rock, rock.

‘No’ I said, still rocking.

‘I thought so’ he shrugged gently. ‘, What will happen to him when you’re dead?’

I stopped abruptly.

‘What did you say?’

‘What will happen to little Emil D’Souza once you’re gone? Who will be a friend to him? The vampires whom you made him push away? Or the humans who are hell-bent on pushing him away?’

‘Emil has been brought up to control his dark nature.’ I said, stubbornly.

‘For how long?’, smirked Jonah. ‘, Once, soon enough, he’ll get a taste of it. And then he’ll lose it’

I gasped. ‘What do you imply?’

‘Leave him be’

The man was no longer smug. He looked sincerely pleading.

‘Excuse me?’

‘Let me take him’

My hands tightened around Emil’s inert body.

‘What do you take me for, you… ‘, I bit my lip to stop my curse ‘,You think I’ll let him…let him be changed by one like you?’

‘I knew this wouldn’t go well. Mr. Slayer, this boy is my brother. He’s my blood. ’ Jonah grimaced at the implications. ‘,Okay. That was badly put…’

‘What are you?’

He blinked at me.

‘Huh? I think you know…?’ he said confusedly, looking closely at me.

‘No, you’re a…you talk very humanly.’ I muttered. ‘,I mean…others of your kind are not usually…’

‘Not all of us are always going “Blood, blood, blood” ‘smirked Jonah. ‘, Funny, how you make all of us sound vile’

‘There are reasons’ I said, sternly.

The young man laughed. Not a mocking laugh.  A sincere, amused, human laugh.

‘Do you not eat meat?’ he asked me, seriously. ‘,What is wrong then about our cravings?’

An intelligent question.

Jonah’s hand accidentally brushed against mine, both against Emil’s hair. I shrank back a little, but didn’t take my hand away. That would be losing to him.

‘You say he is your brother’ I said slowly, still uncomprehending, looking from the boy to the man. ‘,What is your proof?’


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