Blood Cure- the end

Jonah shrugged, smiling.

‘I just know….’ Emil stirred a little.


‘Right here, baby’

He opened his eyes, tired blue eyes, wary already.

His eyes flickered to Jonah.

‘V…Vampire…’ he said, looking at me, frowning. ‘,Papa, vampire’

‘I’m good, Emil’ said Jonah, mussing his hair.

Emil’s eyes were confused. He shook his head.

‘Vampire’ he said firmly.

Jonah gave a grin. He looked a little happier to see his brother was still there inside that vulnerably small body.

‘Could I talk to him?’ I looked at him. He was pleading. He wanted this.

Did he deserve this?

I wasn’t sure. But I was a man who took risks. Maybe this is what Emil needed right then. Maybe this was what would save him. But wasn’t I sending him off with the very people I always wanted to keep away? Truth was, I was terrified of myself. Terrified that to save the woman I loved so much, I would raise a knife against the little boy on my lap

. Jonah sensed my thoughts. He took my hand.

I didn’t stop him.

I was a broken man tonight.

‘You were always a remarkable man, Iha. When everyone was blinded by savage hate, you tried to understand us. Except where Emil was concerned. He can’t survive in your society. To think otherwise is making yourself a fool. He’s a predator. He has to learn to survive, to fight for survival in a world that despises him. You have to let him go. You were told about the blood cure, werent you?

‘.My wife Rhiannon was the one who bit your wife. She was my scout. We checked on Emil frequently. Today, something happened that…drove her insane’ I clenched my hands.

Listen to him. Hear him out. Don’t hit him.

Emil was looking at me wildly.

‘You see. Rhiannon is pregnant.’

I raised my eyebrows.

‘Ah’ They lost their bloodlust control when that happened, I had read that before.

‘She confessed. She’s willing to suck out the poison from your wife’s bloodstream’

Emil looked at Jonah now, fully.

‘She’ll make Mama okay?’

‘Yeah, baby’ said Jonah, smiling. I looked at the floor.

‘Where is she?’

The girl stepped out of the shadows, eyes not meeting mine.

‘I am sorry’ she spoke softly.

I stood up, letting Jonah take Emil, and walked over to Rhiannon.

She trembled a little, her shoulders drawn up.

‘Congratulations’ I said, taking a deep breath.

What was so different between their race and ours anyway? Wasn’t Jai and the other slayers- wasn’t I- as thirsty for their blood as they were for ours? Didn’t we kill them mercilessly as well? This girl was to be a mother soon. How many of them had I killed without considering there might be life in them? Emil’s mother….she also I had deprived of a chance to raise her child, the same boy who was looking with a hint of recognition at Jonah now.

He looked a little better. Was it because of this newfound brother, who was beaming at me? Rhiannon was crying, crying softly, brokenly. Did I hate her? No, why should I ?

She hadnt done it on purpose.

‘Emil’ I said, turning to him. ‘,Emil, your real family’

And the light in those blue eyes were all I needed. I had found myself. I had found my niche in life, my place in this chaotic life.

They could stuff the blood cure.

I would build a new world for this race that co-existed with ours. Me and Mythri, and if they so intended, these two vampires.

Next, I turned to Jonah.

‘I knew you’d see sense’ I smiled. Couldn’t help it. ‘Welcome to the family’


Copyright 2009. Varsha Dinesh


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