Darkest Light


Author’s Note


I had sort of planned to take a sabbatical from writing about vampires. I mean what the hell, but everyone is writing about it. It is sort of freaky, the number of vampire romances arriving each day at the library or on the internet. Vampirism is a cult, and I guess writing novels about them is also fast growing to a cult! But I can hardly keep such difficult promises to myself…I plainly find the idea fascinating, and Darkest Light (excluding mini novella Blood Cure) is my first and only book about vampires.

Darkest Light is born out of a need to let the internet audience know about a different aspect of what the West normally calls Vampires. As some people who regard our mythology with well disguised contempt don’t realize, and sometimes never accept, the concept of vampires had a very plausible origin in India. Heck, unicorns originated from India. Research indicates that the vampire stories of the west most likely came from Tibet or China or Egypt or most likely India, passed up the Silk Route (route of trading in earlier times i.e. before seas were charted and planes invented) along the Mediterranean, The Black Sea coast to Greece, the Balkans)…the Carpathian Mountains (as in Christine Feehan’s Carpathian series) Hungary, Transylvania, Romania (as in Dracula) and then to the present day Europe and New World (Yes, that stands for America, as in Twilight and House of Night). Changes were made a lot…the garlic and the stake came out of nowhere….and over time, the Indian masani and chureil and rakshas were forgotten, and the eternal, pretty and brooding West vamps came into prominence.

This book is NOT a treatise on Indian vampires. I have derived a lot from the Western concept and kept the tenets of an Indian concept that is fast being buried beneath other popular myths.  The concepts are of course heavily fictionalized…as Stephenie Meyer did in Twilight, giving Edward mind-reading…as Christine Feehan did in her Carpathian series, introducing this soul-mate concept…but behind the fiction is a grain of those old Indian beliefs that I feel deserve as much right to come out into light as the Western concepts do.

Be warned, though. These are not pretty concepts.

Ciao, and keep the rich Indian myths alive!!

Varsha Dinesh,


June 9, 2010

What’s Online already:


Chapter One- GO!


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