Rain fell in torrents around me, soaking into my shoes and wetting my socks as I ran.

There was an awful cold within me too, and that somehow made everything all the more worse. Through the pouring rain, I could see them, both of them- waiting for me exactly where I had told them to, their eyes towards me. The smaller person raised her hands toward me and called out with pure joy, joy that made me cry, made burning tears run down my cheek and mix with the rain.

I just had to reach them before my strength ran out, I knew that. The smaller one called Saaya again, but in fear this time.

What does she fear?

I tried to peer through my tears and the water, but could see nothing except a third person, shrouded in dark next to them. He (I knew instinctively it was a he) turned towards me, and I saw the malice in his face, malice which froze me where I was.

He stood up in a swish of black fabric, pulled the younger one to him, and was gone in smoke and a shower of rain. I stood there frozen for a second, my frozen tears on my face, frozen blood in my veins.

The light in his eyes…I thought senselessly…darkest light in his eyes.

The lamps of hell seemed well lit.


3 thoughts on “Prologue

  1. That was intersting, but in good way, so hint, hint I Loved It. keep up the good work, and i’ll keep reading as much as i can and hope to leave supportive comments:}

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