One of the Sandburn images


About Sandburn

Sandburn is actually the first part of a three part series called the Sandburn Trilogy. It is in the genre of dystopian fiction with a subplot of romance and a coming of age theme.

The world in Sandburn is parallel to our own but a little more advanced in technology. Sandburn basically happens in an area called the Stronghold Civilization. Stronghold Civilization is ruled by a cruel Government which is almost hierarchical, controlled by a family called the Emeraudes. The Government is oppressive and controls through advanced drugs and taxes, and is often opposed by the Rebels headed by Acier Foxspur.


Sandburn follows the story of three main characters hailing from the desert village of Nashon- seventeen year old village outcast Hala Knawel, the main character, who lives with a slightly mentally unstable mother and her brother Whin; her best friend and local mechanic Alesan Roé and the spoiled village beauty Liana Sage.

Read Prologue here

Check out the images here

Check out the map of the world


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